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Our minimum period of repayment is 18 months and the maximum is 72 months. Our minimum rate is 15.00% and the Maximum Rate is 44.75%. Loan example: A loan for approximately TTD 10,000.00 with 48 monthly payments of TTD 493.94 and APR of 51.34% will result in a total cost of TTD 23,709.15 including all applicable fees. USD Conversion of 6.7591TTD as 04-30-2024: a loan for approximately $1479.49 with 48 monthly payments of $73.08 and APR of 51.34% will result in a total cost of $3,507.74 including all applicable fees. Monthly payments are estimated for reference and may vary depending on various factors. Specific terms are detailed in the loan agreement. We charge Interest and Administrative Fee.
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