Island Finance donated seedlings to the San Fernando community

Throughout their existence in Trinidad and Tobago, Island Finance has been committed to contributing to different needs in the community through their social responsibility programs. One of the topics they give priority is helping the environment and educate communities about the importance of food sustainability. They made an alliance with Sure Foundation (Sustainable Unemployment Reduction Efforts) to distribute 25,000 seedlings from their San Fernando branch, encouraging the community to plant and grow their own food.


The distribution consisted of seeds of celery, chive, bodi, patchoi, lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant, corn and ochro. “We have countless reasons to care about the environment as we depend on it, and we need to protect it to ensure health, food, and clean air. Our efforts of Social Responsibility are focused on initiatives that make a positive impact that affect us all”, said Rehana Khan, Country Manager of Island Finance. These plants can provide families the tools to produce their own food and create awareness of becoming self-sufficient in production.


“We are grateful to the San Fernando community that gave us the opportunity to receive this gift, our team that volunteered, and the SURE foundation that help us make this initiative possible.”, said Ms. Khan.


For more information, please visit their Facebook fan page at @islandfinancett.