Island Finance donated seedlings to the Sangre Grande community

Island Finance, in collaboration with Sure Foundation (Sustainable Unemployment Reduction Efforts), has successfully distributed 25,000 seedlings in Sangre Grande as part of their joint initiative to promote food sustainability and environmental awareness. The event, held at the Sangre Grande branch, aimed to empower the community to harvest their own food while fostering a deeper connection to nature and promoting environmental stewardship.

The seedlings distributed included a variety of vegetables such as celery, chive, bodi, patchoi, lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant, and ochro. By providing these seedlings, Island Finance and Sure Foundation seek to equip families with the tools and knowledge necessary to become self-sufficient in food production, thereby promoting food security and reducing reliance on external food sources. "When we care about the environment, we are not only helping our planet but also our own well-being. Protecting the earth starts with each one of us, and every effort we make counts towards helping nature heal," said Rehana Khan, Country Manager of Island Finance. "Our initiatives of Social Responsibility have the purpose of making a positive impact in our community, and promoting food sustainability is a key aspect of our commitment to environmental stewardship,” emphasized Ms. Khan.

Through educational initiatives and practical support, Island Finance aims to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable food production practices and encourage the community to take proactive steps towards preserving the environment for future generations. By engaging with local organizations like Sure Foundation, Island Finance strengthens its impact and extends its reach to more communities in need.

"Special thanks to all the members of the Sangre Grande community who participated in the event, our dedicated team of volunteers, and Sure Foundation for their invaluable support in making this initiative possible," added Ms. Khan.

Island Finance remains dedicated to its mission of contributing to the diverse needs of Trinidadians through its social responsibility programs, with a continued focus on environmental sustainability and community empowerment. For more information about Island Finance's social responsibility initiatives and upcoming events, please follow in social media @islandfinancett