5 ideas to celebrate your birthday or anniversary this year

This has been a different year, but you can still celebrate the special dates in our lives. We just need to adjust to the new reality and make a plan!

Here are some ideas to keep your traditions and create unforgettable moments:   

  1. Take an online cooking class with your partner- It’s a date! Take a class via Skype or Zoom with a chef and have a romantic dinner later. A great experience to celebrate anything you want.
  2. Get a virtual tour of a museum – Many recognized museums are doing virtual tours. If you like science, art or history you can check your favorite museums and have a unique experience from the comfort of your home. 
  3. Spa Day- Nothing better than to be at home and relax. Set a space with mint or lavender fragrance candles to unwind. You can also video chat with your friends and get yourself a manicure or fill the bathtub with bubbles. Disconnect and Recharge. 
  4. Virtual Party- Let’s celebrate! Coordinate a surprise party for your special person with your love ones. Everyone will enjoy seeing each other and catch up.
  5. Become an artist! Get your canvas and paint ready to have a date night full of creativity and fun.   

No matter what you decide to do, make it happen and enjoy the moment!