Island Finance Adopts a School and Donates Tablets

For years, Island Finance has collaborated to enhance the resources dedicated to sports and college education through their Social Responsibility Program. Since the pandemic presented unique challenges to Trinidad and Tobago’s student population, Island Finance Cares Initiative allied with the Adopt a School Program of the Ministry of Education, to contribute with the special need. This Program focused on finding partners who will provide the most immediate necessity of supplying devices to help students adjust and transition to online classes, ensuring that they continue to learn. Island Finance donated 20 tablets and their protective cases to Fifth Company Anglican Primary School.

“Our priority with this donation is to contribute to a better quality of education and provide our children with the support they need to stay motivated. Special thanks to the Minister of Education for allowing us to participate on this wonderful initiative that we are very excited to be part of.”, said Rehana Khan, Country Manager of Island Finance.

“For years we have been offering personal loans for people to fulfil everyday needs. Part of our commitment as a company is to give back to our country and continue the mission of helping our younger generation.” said Ms. Khan. For more information, please visit their Facebook fanpage at @islandfinancett.