Digital Age

The digital age is here to stay, and the evidence is at our fingertips.
Over the past two years, we have experienced an acceleration in digital transformation with the rise and introduction of new technologies that have changed our lives. The way we behave now and communicate with others in our day to day is no longer the same as before. Admit it; these days you are always with some technological artifact in your hand. So do we! The reality is that technology helps us increase productivity, be more organized and efficient, allowing us to perform tasks in less time than it took us before. Thanks to technology, you can do almost everything from the comfort of your home, such as applying for a personal loan or paying your bills.

In Island Finance we are at par with the times and want to help you get the money you need in the most efficient way, no down payment, no collateral, no problem. With Island Finance, you can apply for your Online Loan from the comfort of your home, receive a response on your loan application in just 1 minute, send documents, and receive the money directly into your bank account. Apply online for the money you need today on our website. You can access it from your cell phone, tablet or computer, and send the request from wherever you are, hassle-free.

In addition to online application, we have different payment options designed to adjust to each customer’s needs, so you can always make your payments on time. As a customer, you can set up your loan payment to be debited recurrently by Standing Order, Salary Deduction, or make payments from wherever you are directly on your Bank’s website, only need Internet access.

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